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Free Agents

Below is a list of our current free agents- Please contact them if your looking for players.

Matthew Merigold 21 Middle Sunday C
Adam Gould 30 Upper Sat., Sun.
Tyler Mercurio 19 Middle any
Luis Geraldo Valencia 22 Upper Sat., Sun.
Joe Vrenios 2000 Uppers
Jordan Goodman (w/ Murphy) 1991 Middle/ Uppers M/T, Sat, Sun
Andrew Murphy (w/ Goodman) 1994 Middle/Uppers M/T, Sat, Sun
Nick Bruno 1994 Lowers M/T
Joe DeTolve 1985 Lowers M/W Floor, M/T, W/Th
Jim Schultz 1983 Average M/T, W/Th, Sat, Sun
John Mendola 38 Lowers Sun 18+
Brian MacDonald 59 All Leagues Mon Floor
Dany Dakko 36 Middle M/T , Wed/Thu
Bobby Zalabak 38 Middle All Inline
Doug Tansor 30 Middle M/T, Wed/Thu
Andy Jarzabek 38 Middle 30+
Kevin Ackermann 39 Middle/Upper 30+
Nathan Drews 18 Lower ALL INLINE
Mando Martinez (w/ Angelo) 33 Middle/Upper Sat 18+
Angelo Martinez (w/ Mando) 21 Middle/Upper Sat 18+ same as above
Joey Marchi 28 Mid/Lower Sun 18+
Mike Pingaj (w/ Borowczyk) 34 Middle Wed/Thu 30+
Brian Borowczyk (w/ Pingaj) 34 Middle Wed/Thu 30+
Yoni Rosenblum 33 Middle Wed/Thu 30+
Josh Kane (w/ Bura) 22 Uppers Sat, Sun
Aaron Bura (w/ Kane) 22 Uppers Sat, Sun
Sean Halliday (w/ Colin) 50 Lowers Sun 18+
Collin Halliday (w/ Sean) 18 Lowers Sun 18+
Joey Gutierrez 28 Middle Sat 18+
John Podgurski 30 lowers 30+
Randy Mazzone 35 Mid/ Lower Sat 18 +
Joey Scimo 22 Middle M/T
Dan Horgan 20 Lower M/T, Sat, Sun
Mike Feliz 35 Middle ALL INLINE
Nick Bruno lower ALL INLINE
TJ Cash 35 C ALL INLINE, not A or B
James DeGeorge 23 ALL INLINE
Ryan Siadek 34 mid Sat; Sun
Mark Sliozis 30+ lowers 30+
Brian Sly 33 lowers ALL INLINE
Jim Schultz 30+ 30+, ALL INLINE
Nick Grabanski 24 any ALL INLINE
Nasir Bahaeddin 28 mid/lower M/T; Sat.
Peter DeChant 27 lower M/T
Jeff Zenner lower Sunday
Eddy Moreno lower Sat; Sun D,E1
Andrew Staffieri 22 D/E Sunday E
Jeff Estes 36 lower Sat; Sun D,E1
Jeff Miller 35 moderate
Jon Ionita 35 lower 30+ D/E
JP Michaels 36 B/C M/T; 30+
Justin Gardner 26 B M/T
Nate Matthias 32 middle Sat; Sun; 30+
Tom Marazan 24 A or B M/T; Sat
Tyler Van Overloop 19 B/C M/T
Will Ross lowers Sat Div 2
Justin Sieck lowers Sat Div 2
Anthony Starbeck ANY Mid/Lowers ALL INLINE
Chris Klauser 30+ ALL INLINE
Anthony Starbeck 31 B/C 30+
Chris Rowbottom Sat.
Eric Biskner 35 A/B ALL INLINE
Jeffrey Reich 43 mid-level ALL INLINE

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