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Salt Creek Sports Center

Inline & Floor Hockey Upcoming Schedule

  • Oct
  • 22
Wednesday Floor Hockey - No Games
  • Oct
  • 22
Wednesday/Thursday 30+ Inline Hockey - Week 13 (A/D Playoffs/Championship's)
  • 6:10pm-11:59pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
    **Note** Start Time!

    6:10pm Bulldogs vs. River Rats - B
    7:00pm Uranus Pirates vs. Scofflaws - B
    7:50pm #2 Code Blue vs. #3 Tyutin in the Staal - A Semifinal
    8:40pm #1 Unruly Fan vs. #4 5 Hole (Had more goals against )  - D Semifinal
    9:30pm #2 Jokers vs. #3 Rolling Dead - D Semifinal
    10:20pm #1 Bandito Barney's vs. (W) 2/3 GM. - A Championship
    11:10pm D Championship

  • Tag(s): Wed/Thu 30+ Inline 
  • Oct
  • 23
Wednesday/Thursday 30+ Inline Hockey - Week 13 (B/C Playoffs & Championship's)
  • 6:30pm-11:30pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
    6:30pm #1 Astroglide vs. #4 Degenerates - C Semifinal
    7:20pm #1 Scofflaws vs. #4 Fubar - B Semifinal
    8:10pm #2 Practice Dummies vs. #3 Good & Plenty - C Semifinal
    9:00pm #2 River Rats vs. #3 Uranus Pirates - B Semifinal
    9:50pm C Championship
    10:40pm B Championship

  • Tag(s): Wed/Thu 30+ Inline 
  • Oct
  • 24
40+ Inline Hockey - Week 9
  • 7:00pm-10:20pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • 7:00pm Black vs. Columbia
    7:50pm Neon Orange vs. Neon Yellow
    8:40pm White vs. Royal
    9:30pm Red vs. Green

  • Tag(s): Weekly Schedule 
  • Oct
  • 25
Saturday Inline Hockey - Week 9
  • 3:00pm-11:20pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • 3:00pm SCSC House vs. THE BAGGERS - D3
    3:50pm WRECKERS vs. THE BAGGERS - D3
    4:40pm  WRECKERS vs. Barn Burners - D3
    Bye = SCSC House (D3)
    5:30pm Thug Life vs. SOFTDUMP - C
    6:20pm 69ERS vs. SOFTDUMP - C
    7:10pm 69ERS vs. Stiffy's - C
    8:00pm Moe's Tavern vs. 5th Line - C
    Bye = Brew Crew (C)
    8:50pm Geico Protection vs. PUCK HOGS - D1
    9:40pm Angry Beavers vs. PUCK HOGS - D1
    10:30pm DV8 vs. Hookers - D1

  • Tag(s): Saturday 18+ Inline 
  • Oct
  • 26
Sunday Inline Hockey - Week 10
  • 10:00am-10:30pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • 10:00am Misfit Toys vs. Thunderhawks - D3
    10:50am Carl Winslow vs. Thor's Hammer - D3
    11:40am Road Runners vs. Wasted Talent - D2
    12:30pm Rebels vs. Land Shark's - D2
    1:20pm Nutcrackers vs. No Dekes - D2
    2:10pm Shootin' Blanks vs. Hatrick Swayze - D2
    3:00pm Eskimo Brothers vs. Zab Attack - C
    3:50pm HIGH SOCIETY vs. The Hockey Club - C
    4:40pm HIGH SOCIETY vs. Berger BomberZ - C
    5:30pm Dandy Lions vs. Bro Hockey - C
    6:20pm Get Merk'd vs. Slim Lizzy BenderZ - C
    7:10pm Sik Wid It vs. Puck Off - C
    8:00pm PETER NORTH STARS vs. BenderZ - B
    9:40pm Red Light District vs. DANGLFEST - B
    Bye = Bush Leaguers (B)

  • Tag(s): Sunday 18+ Inline 
  • Oct
  • 27
Monday Floor Hockey - No Games
  • Oct
  • 27
Monday/Tuesday Inline Hockey - Week 13 (C Playoffs/Championship)
  • 7:20pm-10:00pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
  • **Note** Start Time

    7:20pm 1st Seed vs. 4th Seed - C Semifinal
    8:10pm 2nd Seed vs. 3rd Seed - C Semifinal
    10 Minute Break
    9:10pm C Championship Game

  • Tag(s): Mon/Tue 18+ Inline 
  • Oct
  • 29
No Games

Upcoming Inline & Floor Hockey Leagues!

-Monday Floor Hockey (18+) Starts Nov. 3rd

-Mon./Tue. Inline Hockey (18+) Starts Nov. 3rd & 4th

-Wednesday Floor Hockey (18+) Starts Nov. 5th

-Wed./Thur. Inline Hockey (30+) Starts Nov. 6th

-Friday Inline Hockey (40+) Starts Dec. 5th

-Saturday Inline Hockey (18+) Starts Nov. 22nd

-Sunday Inline Hockey (18+) Starts Nov. 23rd

Teams or individuals that are interested in any of our leagues, please shoot an email to mcostanza@saltcreekpd.com to confirm your spot.  You can also call 847-394-8806 if you have any questions.

Captains Meetings:

Tuesday, October 28th
7:30pm - Floor Hockey
8:15pm - Inline Hockey

Monday, November 17th
7:30pm - Inline Hockey

These meetings are open to anyone that would like to attend.  One team rep from each team must attend one of these meetings in order to get your team into our Winter League.

New teams are forming for the Monday Night DEK hockey league.

Players of all skill levels can sign up as individuals.  Email mcostanza@saltcreekpd.com to confirm your spot.

Friday Night Rat Hockey

October 3rd, 10th, 17th, @ 24th - Yes (10:30pm-12am)
October 31st - No

You can now pre-register for Rat Hockey by simply emailing mcostanza@saltcreekpd.com to confirm your spot.  Pre-Registration will start on Monday's & end on Friday's @ 5:30pm.  After 5:30pm if there are still spots available, those who show up without prior registering, make take the final spots remaining.

-24 Skaters & 4 Goalies Max
-Skaters: $8 per player & Goalies: Free

-All sessions require full equipment

Youth Hockey Programs....Starting in November!